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20 Toddler Meals with Veggies

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    A list of 20 toddler meals with veggies. Easy ways to incorporate veggies into toddler meals and get your toddler to eat more veggies!

    If you are looking for more ways to encourage your toddler to eat veggies, you are in the right place! I’m a mom of two young boys (one toddler and one almost-toddler) and i’m sharing meal ideas with veggies based on what my boys actually eat.

    To get my toddler to eat more veggies, I try to incorporate veggies in a variety of ways:

    1. Veggies as the main course
    2. Veggies stirred in
    3. Veggies on the side

    All of these meals are both toddler and mom approved! Toddler approved since they are yummy and toddler-friendly and mom approved since (of course) they have veggies and are nutritious. Keep reading to see 20 toddler meals with veggies.

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    Favorite Feeding Supplies

    Having the right feeding supplies can go a long way in helping your toddler eat and enjoy veggies. Presentation can help so much, especially with picky toddlers. Here are some of our favorite toddler feeding supplies.

    1. Dinneractive Utensil Set – a cute fork and spoon set that helps make meal time more fun! My toddler often asks for these utensils and i’m happy to give them since they encourage eating.
    1. Thermos Funtainer Cup – this is our favorite toddler cup for milk or smoothies. It keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours and also has an easy-to-drink straw.
    1. Pillowfort Plates – these are our go-to plates that we use for just about every meal! They are cheap and durable and come as regular plates and divider plates. We have used these for more than a year and they have held up great in the dishwasher.

    If you are looking for more feeding supply ideas, check out this related post: Toddler Feeding Supply Gift Guide

    Veggie Main Courses

    The best way to get veggie’s into your toddlers’ meals is to serve main courses that are made with veggies. Here are some of our favorites:

    1. Broccoli Littles – broccoli and potato cakes by Dr. Praeger’s brand in the freezer section. My toddler loves these and they are packed with veggies. They are also fun because they come in cute dinosaur shapes. Side of whole milk string cheese and strawberries.
    1. Chicken Veggie Meatballs meatballs are a fun treat for lunch, and these are mom approved because they have veggies cooked in. These cook up in the microwave in just 60 seconds. Side of cheese and cooked carrots.
    1. Super Greens Veggie Nuggets – these veggie nuggets by Dr. Praeger’s are my toddler’s favorite from them! He loves them plain or served with a little bit of ketchup. They are packed full of spinach, kale, collard greens, swiss chard, and zucchini. Side of cheese, grapes, and blueberries.
    1. Spinach Littles – the spinach littles are similar to the broccoli littles by Dr. Praeger’s brand and also come in cute shapes so toddlers will love eating them! Side of string cheese and grapes.
    1. Broccoli Cheese Tots – a healthier version of tater tots made with broccoli and cheese. These are made in the oven instead of the microwave, so they get a slightly different texture than some other veggie options. Side of sliced apples and yogurt.
    1. Lentil Pasta Alfredo – pasta made with veggies is a great way to squeeze veggies into the main course, and your little one probably won’t even notice. I like to add some extra veggies into pasta dishes as well. Side of grapes.
    1. Sweet Potato Cauliflower Tots – this is my toddler’s favorite tot variety! They are sweet, but still made with veggies. Side of thinly sliced apples, grapes, and peas.
    1. Chicken Nuggets with Veggies – chicken nuggets are a toddler favorite, but these are mom approved since they have added veggies baked into the crust. There are instructions for both the oven and the air fryer so you don’t have to heat up your whole house cooking these. Side of whole milk string cheese, and grapes.

    Veggies Mixed In

    Another way to serve veggies to your toddlers is to mix them into their favorite meals. I’ve found that my toddler is much more willing to try new veggies if they are covered in his favorite sauce or served in a familiar way.

    1. Pasta with White Sauce & Veggies – bowtie pasta with white sauce, spinach, and carrots. Try mixing in extra thawed frozen veggies to your toddler’s favorite meals to make them a little more nutrition.
    1. Broccoli and Cheese Eggs – scrambled eggs with chopped broccoli and shredded cheese stirred in. I like to cook scrambled eggs in grass-fed butter for extra healthy fat. Side of peanut butter toast and grapes. Great for breakfast or lunch!
    1. Mac N Peas – macaroni and cheese with veggies stirred in. I don’t think that my kids know that mac n cheese exists without veggies! Its one of the easiest meals to stir in extra veggies; I like to use thawed frozen veggies for extra ease.
    1. Mexican Zucchini Beef – Ground beef with seasonings, canned tomatoes, black beans, and zucchini. This meal is so easy to whip together in one pan! Served with a side of tortilla and optional cheese or sour cream.
    1. Avocado Chicken Salad – canned chicken with avocado and mixed veggies stirred in. I like to use thawed frozen peas and carrots and serve by itself or on a sandwich or wrap. Side of blueberries.
    1. Broccoli Cheese Wrap – chopped broccoli and cheese melted on a tortilla and rolled into a wrap. Side of kiwi and strawberries.
    1. Spaghetti with Meat Sauce & Zoodles – ‘zoodles’ (zucchini noodles) are a great alternative or addition to normal spaghetti. We love meat sauce made with ground beef or ground turkey for extra protein. I like to make homemade zoodles with a zucchini and a spiralizer.
    1. Toddler Snack Plate – Presentation is key and a toddler snack plate is one of my favorite ways to get my toddler to eat veggies! In this plate I served peas, cooked carrots, and a variety of fruit, cheese, and snacks. For more toddler snack ideas check out this related posts: 50 Toddler Snack Tray Ideas

    Veggies on the Side

    The final way to get your toddler to eat more veggies is to simply off them on the side. Offering veggies frequently can help get your toddler used to eating them and eliminates the negative stigma veggies can sometimes get from little eaters. Here are some of our favorite veggie side dishes:

    1. Multi Colored Cooked Carrots & Broccoli – my toddler has been obsessed with yellow carrots since they are a little different and therefore fun. I like to served cooked carrots and broccoli with a side of ranch for dipping. Meal includes chicken sausage and roasted potatoes with cheese.
    1. Peas & Carrots – great for toddlers and younger eaters. I always buy a frozen bag of pea & carrots to stir into meals or serve alone as a side. Meal includes soft pretzels with cheese, grapes, and whole milk string cheese.
    1. Chopped Salad – I was so surprised when I discovered that my 2 year old liked salad! We had tried when he was younger, but admittedly hadn’t offered it to him in a while. We normally eat chopped salad and its also great for young eaters since its cut into smaller pieces.
    1. Broccoli & Peppers – Cooked broccoli was one of my toddler’s first solid food when he was a baby and its still one of his favorites. Bell peppers are another great option since they are so sweet and flavorful.

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