2 Year Old Feeding Supplies Gift Guide

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What to get your two year old for their birthday or Christmas. A feeding supplies gift guide of things to get a toddler that has everything.

Something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read. Are you wondering: What is the best gift for a toddler? What should I get my toddler for Christmas? What do you get a toddler that has everything?

Get something they need! Useful gifts like feeding supplies and feeding tools can be something that your toddler is excited about, but are also extremely practical and useful.

I’m a mom of two boys 16 months apart. One is a toddler and the other is quickly entering toddlerhood. We’ve done both baby-led weaning (BLW) and a mixture of BLW and purees to get my boys started on eating solid foods. If you want to learn more check out these posts: How to Combine BLW and Purees + How to Start BLW

My toddler is a pretty good eater and I attribute this to starting with solid food at a fairly young age and also having the right feeding supplies and equipment. I always have some feeding supplies on his birthday and Christmas wish list and it has helped a ton with getting him to eat well.

I’m sharing a 2 year old feeding supply gift guide based on the feeding supplies that my toddler uses almost every day and some things we have on his wish list as well! Everything i’m sharing is something that we use and love or items that come highly recommended by friends.

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Feeding Supplies Gift Guide


  1. EZPZ Mini Mat – this is my favorite for beginner eaters and is also great for messy toddlers! A placemat and a plate in one and helps keep your table and floor clean.
  1. Pillowfort Divided Platesthe best budget option, plus they come in such cute colors! These have held up great for years in the microwave and dishwasher.
  1. Bumpkins Dinosaur Suction Plate – a fun option if your toddler already has standard divider or suction plates. They also come in other fun shapes and characters!
  1. EZPZ Mini Play Mat – this is on our wish list since we LOVE our EZPZ mini mat. This is a divided plate with 6 different sections and would be great for a snack tray!


  1. Contigo Straw Cup – this is our favorite straw cup! It doesn’t leak or spill and is great for water, juice, and milk. Lots of design and color options!
  1. Thermos Funtainer Cup – great for smoothies! My toddler loves this cup and it is also on the birthday list for my youngest first birthday.
  1. Kids Hydroflaskmy toddler brings this everywhere! A great water bottle option and a good gift idea for a toddler that has everything.
  1. Stainless Steel Munchkin 360 Cupif you are looking for a good open trainer cup, this is it! This stainless steel version is also a good gift idea if you already have the normal plastic 360 cup.
  1. EZPZ Mini Cup – another one from our wish list! I’ve seen others rave about this cup for a first open cup. The base is weighted so its harder to tip over than a normal cup.

Utensils + More

  1. Dinneractive Construction Fork & Spoon my toddler got these for his birthday and asks for them regularly! I also like to bring them out if he is having trouble finishing his meal and they help a ton.
  1. Munchkin Stainless Steel Snack Catcher – because what toddler doesn’t love snacks? This is a fun upgraded option and also has a detachable lid.
  1. Doddl Food Knife – a great first knife set to teach your toddler how to cut food. This is on our wish list!
  1. Dinneractive Construction Dining Seta fun option that includes the fork & spoon mentioned above, but also a construction themed plate.
  1. KidsFunwares Chew-Chew Train Kids Dinnerware Set – this is on our wish list! A fun dining set that includes a plate, cup, bowl, and utinsels that fit together to make a train.
  1. Kids Sandwich and Food Cutters – make mealtime fun! My toddler loves when I cut his sandwich, fruits, veggies, and cheese using these cute food cutters.

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