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2 Year Old Mealtime Essentials Gift Guide (Non-Toys)

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    A curated toddler feeding supply gift guide with all of the best mealtime essentials for your two year old!

    Are you a parent of a lively two-year-old, or perhaps you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for a toddler in your life? If so, you’re in the right place!

    As a mom of three, I know firsthand how mealtime with a toddler can be an adventure filled with joy, mess, and a whole lot of love. Over the years, I’ve tried and tested a multitude of feeding supplies, and today, I’m excited to share my top picks with you.

    In this comprehensive 2-Year-Old Mealtime Essentials Gift Guide, I’ll walk you through a curated list of products that have become tried-and-true essentials in my household.

    From spill-proof sippy cups to easy-to-clean high chairs, these feeding supplies are designed to make your life as a parent easier and mealtime for your little one more enjoyable.

    Whether you’re a seasoned parent or a soon-to-be aunt, uncle, or grandparent, this gift guide is your key to finding the perfect feeding supplies that will help you and your child navigate the joys of toddlerhood.

    So, if you’re ready to make mealtime a breeze and ensure your toddler is well-fed, happy, and content, keep reading and discover the ultimate feeding solutions for your little one.

    13 favorite toddler mealitime supplies

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    Mealtime Essentials Gift Guide

    Best Toddler Plates

    1. Wee Sprout Divided Plates – grab these in your toddler’s favorite color! I love that they come with lids and stick to the table.
    2. EZPZ Mini Mat – this is my favorite for beginner eaters and is also great for messy toddlers! A placemat and a plate in one and helps keep your table and floor clean.
    1. Bumpkins Dinosaur Suction Plate – a fun option if your toddler already has standard divider or suction plates. They also come in other fun shapes and characters!
    1. EZPZ Mini Play Mat – this is on our wish list since we LOVE our EZPZ mini mat. This is a divided plate with 6 different sections and would be great for a snack tray!
    Girl sitting at high chair eating

    If you’re looking for a good high chair, this is our favorite: Boon High Chair

    Favorite Toddler Cups

    1. Elk & Friends Glass Cups – if you are looking to give up plastic cups, these are it! Don’t be worried about these being glass, they include a silicone sleeve and we have had ours for years and have never broken a single one!
    1. Thermos Funtainer Cup – great for smoothies! These cups come in so many fun designs and colors and keep drinks cold (or hot) for a long time!
    1. Kids Hydroflaskmy toddler brings this everywhere! A great water bottle option and a good gift idea for a toddler that has everything.
    1. Wee Sprout Stainless Steel Cups – a great alternative to glass cups that also come with fun colored silicone sleeves!

    Toddler Utensils + More

    1. Dinneractive Construction Fork & Spoon – my toddler got these for his birthday and asks for them regularly! I also like to bring them out if he is having trouble finishing his meal and they help a ton.
    1. Dinneractive Construction Dining Set – a fun option that includes the fork & spoon mentioned above, but also a construction themed plate.
    2. Toddler Safe Knives – it may seem a bit scary, but these kid-safe knives make it easy for your toddler to help and contribute to meal-prep! My kids have these and started to use them around 2 years old.
    3. Snack Spinner – great for snacks on-the-go or a fun way to serve lunch!
    1. Kids Sandwich and Food Cutters – make mealtime fun! My toddler loves when I cut his sandwich, fruits, veggies, and cheese using these cute food cutters.
    2. Playful Friends Kids Plates – these fun plates are some of our new favorites!
    Playful friends kids plates

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