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Lunch Ideas for 18 Month Olds

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    Quick and easy lunch ideas for 18 month old toddlers. A real mom’s lunch ideas based on what my kids have been eating.

    The lunch time hustle. It happens everyday and no matter how much I plan and prepare it almost always ends in a hangry kid having a meltdown. Although meltdowns are inevitable sometimes, having inspiration and a plan is key to getting lunch on the table quickly!

    Here are some lunch ideas for 18 month old toddlers (really 1-2 year olds) based on what my kids have eaten around this age. I am a mom of two toddlers with one more on the way so I totally get how crazy lunch time can be, but hopefully these meal ideas can help just a little!

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    Toddler Feeding Supplies

    Having the right tools can make feeding your toddler just a little bit easier! These are in no way necessary, but here are some of my favorites:

    EZPZ Mini Play Mat – a fun suction divided plate that is shaped like a flower! This is a great option for snack or snack style lunches. My kids always eat so much better when I serve food on this fun plate. Plus, EZPZ uses 100% silicone which is non-toxic and dishwasher safe!

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    Elk & Friends Glass Toddler Cups – these are our new favorite straw cups and I love that they don’t include any plastic. They are made of glass (they are thick and we haven’t had one break yet!) and include a silicone straw and glass sleeve.

    Pillowfort Kids Plates – these are our go-to plates that we use at almost every meal! They have held up through multiple years and kids and can go in the dishwasher. Plus they are super affordable!

    18 Month Toddler Lunch Ideas

    Toddler Lunch #1: Lunch Meat Snack Plate

    A snack plate with the main course as diced up turkey. Sides of banana, mixed peas and carrots, grapes (halve or quarter under 4 years old or so), whole milk string cheese (half again for babies and young toddlers), and cereal.

    Divided plate used: EZPZ Mini Play Mat

    Toddler lunch with turkey.

    Lunch Ideas for 18 Month #2: Veggie Egg Muffin

    We love Veggies Made Great for a quick and easy meal idea (they come in the freezer section). Here we had a spinach & egg frittata snack plate with whole milk string cheese, cheese itz, peas, raisins, and strawberries.

    Divided plate used: EZPZ Mini Play Mat

    Toddler lunch idea with veggie muffin.

    Toddler Lunch #3: Quesadilla strips

    If a quesadilla is too much for your toddler, try cutting it into strips so its easier to eat (this is also great for babies and baby-led weaning). Side of sour cream or plain greek yogurt for dipping, mandarin orange, and avocado for healthy fat.

    Toddler lunch with quesadilla strips.

    18 Month Old Meal Idea #4: Mac & Peas

    An easy way to add some nutrients to a toddler favorite – mac & cheese – is to add in some frozen veggies. Peas, carrots, broccoli, spinach, or riced cauliflower are great ideas! Side of sliced olives and diced strawberries.

    Toddler lunch mac & peas.

    Easy Toddler Meal #5: Baked Beans Snack Plate

    Baked beans are one of my kids’ favorites and are so quick, easy, and nutritious (a good serving of protein and fiber). Sides of cucumbers with cream cheese and EBB seasoning, cooked carrots, pretzel crisps, and raspberries.

    Divided plate used: EZPZ Mini Play Mat

    Toddler lunch idea baked beans

    Lunch Ideas for 18 Month Old #6: Broccoli Littles

    Another great easy freezer food lunch idea for babies and toddlers is Dr Praeger’s Broccoli Littles. Sides of cooked carrots and mini cucumber with hummus for dipping and diced strawberries.

    toddler lunch idea broccoli littles

    Easy Toddler Lunch Idea #7: Cheese & Crackers

    Cheese and crackers or add lunch meat to make a homemade “lunchable”. Sides of sliced bell pepper with cream cheese and EBB seasoning for dipping, plums, and blueberries (squish or halve if blueberries are firm for babies and young toddlers).

    Toddler lunch idea cheese and crackers

    Toddler Lunch Idea #8: Avocado Toast

    Whole wheat toast with smushed avocado spread on top and then cut into strips for easy biting and chewing. Side of banana slices (try mixing it up and cutting bananas in different ways to make them a little more interesting).

    Toddler meal idea showing avocado toast.

    Easy 18 Month Lunch Idea #9: Black Beans & Corn

    Black beans and corn as the main course served with sides of sliced banana and turkey lunch meat roll ups.

    Toddler lunch idea black beans and corn.

    Lunch Ideas for 18 Month Olds #10: Ranch Pasta Salad

    Cook pasta and then stir in ranch, diced chicken, cheese and olives (but really anything goes!). Sides of thinly sliced baby carrots with hummus for dipping and diced strawberries.

    Toddler lunch idea pasta salad.

    Toddler Lunch Idea #11: Cauliflower Tots

    Cauliflower tots served in a snack plate with ketchup for dipping, diced turkey lunch meat, cooked baby carrots, grapes (halve or quarter for toddlers under 4 or so), and banana chips.

    Divided plate used: EZPZ Mini Play Mat

    Toddler lunch with cauliflower tots

    Toddler Lunch #12: Breakfast Quesadilla

    Make an egg and veggie scramble with your toddler’s favorites (we normally do bell pepper and spinach), and then place some inside of a small tortilla and make into a quesadilla or small taco. Side of diced cooked sweet potato and avocado.

    Toddler meal idea breakfast quesadilla

    Toddler Lunch Idea #13: Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese

    Instead of using normal noodles, try serving mac & cheese with sweet potato rotini instead! I like to melt a little cream cheese as the sauce. Sides of peas and watermelon.

    Toddler meal ideas sweet potato mac

    18 Month Old Meal Idea #14: Pinto Beans with Cheese

    Heat up pinto beans and stir in a little cheese for a quick and easy lunch with protein and fiber. Side of sliced cucumber, avocado, and thawed frozen wild blueberries.

    Toddler lunch idea with pinto beans and cheese

    Lunch Ideas for 18 Month Olds Summary

    Here is a quick breakdown of 14 quick and easy toddler meal ideas perfect for 18 month olds (1-2 year old toddlers):

    1. Lunch Meat Snack Plate
    2. Veggie Egg Muffin
    3. Quesadilla Strips
    4. Mac & Peas
    5. Baked Beans Snack Plate
    6. Broccoli Littles
    7. Cheese & Crackers
    8. Avocado Toast
    9. Black Beans & Corn
    10. Ranch Pasta Salad
    11. Cauliflower Tots
    12. Breakfast Quesadilla
    13. Sweet Potato Mac
    14. Pinto Beans and Cheese

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