20 Easy Finger Food Toddler Lunch Ideas

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Easy finger food toddler lunch ideas, no fork or spoon required! Toddler lunches perfect for 1-3 year olds, preschoolers and young kids.

Finger foods make everything easier! No utensils required and they are often cleaner and make less of a mess (I can’t promise it, but that’s my general experience) 🙂

I’m sharing finger food toddler lunches based on what my kids actually eat and love! These are realistic toddler meal ideas from a mom of two toddlers.

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Best Toddler Meal Supplies

Boys sitting at table eating snack plates.

Nothing special is required to feed your toddler, but sometimes having the right gear and meal supplies can make lunch time just a little bit easier. Here are some of our favorites:

Pillowfort Toddler Plates: these are our go-to plates that you will see pictured below! They have lasted years and are so affordable.

Kids Food & Sandwich Cutters: so fun for cutting fruit, veggies, cheese, and sandwiches into fun shapes (also helps with picky eating).

EZPZ Mini Play mat: (pictured above) a fun divided plate that’s also a non-toxic silicone suction plate! We love EZPZ plates because they are dishwasher safe and so fun.

Fruits & Veggie Finger Food Tips

Toddlers tend to love finger food carbs like grilled cheese, but fruits and veggies can also be great finger food side dishes. Here are some tips for getting your toddler to eat and enjoy more fruits and veggies:

  • Cut or cook food appropriately to avoid choking risks: choose petite baby carrots, slice larger hard veggies lengthwise or cook until tender for young toddlers. Halve grapes for 2-4 year olds and quarter under 2 or so. Slice apples and other hard fruits and veggies into thin slices.
  • Serve dips: dips can be a great way to get your toddler loving fruits and veggies. Try full-fat cream cheese, full-fat greek yogurt, ranch dressing, or ketchup!
  • Don’t be afraid of seasonings: seasonings can make or break veggies (just think about how you like to eat veggies). My kids love everything seasoning with cream cheese and yogurt as a dip, on top of avocado, and on eggs, and prefer seasoned veggies over plain ones. Just be sure to avoid excess sodium, especially under 2.

Finger Food Toddler Lunch Ideas

Four toddler meal ideas: finger food plates
  1. Mini Pizza English Muffins: use all your toddler’s favorite toppings or use the opportunity to try and introduce more veggies. Side of baby carrots (cook or slice thin for young toddlers), kiwi and quartered grapes.
  1. Egg Salad Sandwich: egg salad made with whole milk greek yogurt for added healthy fats and protein. Side of baby carrots (cook or slice thin for young toddlers) with cream cheese and everything seasoning, and grapes (quarter for young toddlers).
  1. Cheese & Crackers: one of our go-to super easy finger food meals. Use food cutters to cut fun shapes and serve with mini “toddler sized” crackers. Side of baby carrots and cucumber with ranch, grapes, thinly sliced apples, and a rice crispy treat. Plate pictured: EZPZ Mini Play mat
  1. Hard Boiled Eggs: a great source of protein and an easy finger good. My kids love eggs topped with everything seasoning, side of cheese, red pepper with ranch for dipping, thawed frozen mango, and kiwi. Shop our stainless steel sauce cups.

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Four toddler meal ideas: finger food plates
  1. Fruit & Veggie Snack Plate: a snack plate is a fun way to serve lunch and can also be made with all finger foods! Cucumber + cream cheese, avocado with everything seasoning, Nature’s Bakery brownie bar, cherry tomatoes, mandarin orange, pineapple and string cheese.
  1. Mini Sweet Peppers w/ Cream Cheese: mini sweet peppers cut in half and stuffed with cream cheese and everything seasoning, side of quartered grapes, white cheddar cheese, and cherry tomatoes.
  1. PB&J: peanut butter & jelly sandwich served with mini crackers, kiwi, and thinly sliced apples. Also try to mix it up with different nut butters and different flavored jellies.
  1. Spinach & Cheese Quesadilla: add veggies to your toddler’s quesadilla by including a little bit of spinach (or chopped up broccoli works well too!). Sides of diced pineapple and oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Our favorite tortillas are Tortillaland uncooked tortillas.

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Four toddler meal ideas: finger food plates
  1. Sweet Potato Tots – our favorite are the Alexia Brand Sweet Potato tots served with a side of full-fat greek yogurt mixed with honey for dipping, baby carrots, and kiwi.
  1. Cucumber Sandwich – a yummy mix of creamy cream cheese and crunchy cucumber with whole wheat bread. Sides of cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced apples, baby carrots, mini crackers, and cheese.
  1. Grilled Cheese – grilled cheese trees with sides of mini sweet peppers stuffed with cream cheese and everything seasoning, and diced strawberries. These cookie cutters were from a Christmas set, but here are our favorites for all year round: Kids Food & Sandwich Cutters
  1. Corn Dog – our favorite corn dogs are MorningStar Farms Veggie Corndogs (be sure to slice lengthwise for young toddlers). Side of kiwi and baby carrots with greek yogurt and everything seasoning.

Our go-to toddler plate: Pillowfort Toddler Plates

Four toddler meal ideas: finger food plates
  1. Hawaiian Roll Sliders – bake Hawaiian or sweet rolls in the oven with cheese and turkey until melted and toasty (the perfect toddler-sized sandwich!). Side of rainbow carrots with cream cheese, mandarin oranges, and thinly sliced apples.
  1. Pretzels w/ Guac – thin crisp pretzels served with guacamole (or hummus) for dipping. Side of green smoothie and sliced cheese. (our favorite toddler class cups: Elk & Friends)
  1. Grilled Turkey & Cheese Pinwheels – lay out a slice of bread, top with cheese and turkey, roll up tightly, then fry in butter on the stovetop on all sides until crispy. Cut into strips to make bite-sized pinwheels. Side of sliced pear, cucumber, and cream cheese with everything seasoning. (shop our favorite animal food picks)
  1. Bagel with Cream Cheese – lightly toasted bagel topped with cream cheese (mini bagels are also great for toddlers!). Side of baby carrots with ranch and thinly sliced apple.

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Four toddler meal ideas: finger food plates
  1. Avocado Toast – lightly toast bread and top with smushed avocado, side of yogurt tube, diced strawberries, and mini cookies.
  1. Egg Quesadilla – instead of a normal cheese quesadilla, scramble eggs (and any veggies your toddler may like) and add them along side the cheese. Side of diced sweet potato and avocado.
  1. Turkey & Cheese Roll Ups – cut up a block of cheese into a long narrow shape smaller than the width of your pinky (be sure not to make it too thick) or use part of a string cheese, wrap turkey around to make a roll up. Side of thinly sliced apples with peanut butter, and baby carrots. (shop our favorite animal food picks)
  1. Mini Breakfast Burrito – scramble eggs and add your toddler’s favorite veggies or sides like sweet potato and zucchini, wrap up tightly in a tortilla and serve with sides of full-fat greek yogurt and salsa for dipping.

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Finger Food Toddler Lunch Summary

Finger foods can be a great option for a quick and easy (and less-mess) toddler lunch. Here is a quick breakdown of 20 easy finger food toddler lunch ideas:

  1. Mini Pizza English Muffins
  2. Egg Salad Sandwich
  3. Cheese & Crackers
  4. Hard Boiled Eggs
  5. Fruit & Veggie Snack Plate
  6. Mini Sweet Peppers w/ Cream Cheese
  7. PB&J
  8. Spinach & Cheese Quesadilla
  9. Sweet Potato Tots
  10. Cucumber Sandwich
  11. Grilled Cheese
  12. Veggie Corn Dog
  13. Hawaiian Roll Sliders
  14. Pretzels w/ Guac
  15. Grilled Turkey & Cheese Pinwheels
  16. Bagel w/ Cream Cheese
  17. Avocado Toast
  18. Egg Quesadilla
  19. Turkey & Cheese Roll Ups
  20. Mini Breakfast Burrito

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